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Social Media Cat Meme Monday – Part 12!


Feb 11 2013

Happy Monday everyone! Margeaux (our social media cat) has a brand new tip for this week: a good start to the morning shouldn't just involve coffee - it should also involve being active on your social networks, checking in on...

Social Media Training in 2013: What You Should Know


Feb 05 2013

Unless you were just MIA in 2012, you know it was a huge year in the world of social media. At this point, social media marketing isn't a new project that businesses focus on when they have time - it's a...

How to Calculate ROI From Social Media


Feb 03 2013

A couple weeks ago we had a fantastic class on Social Media and ROI training. It was a huge turnout and I wasn't surprised - learning how to get a Return on Investment from social media is extremely important! Social...

What to Expect for Social Media in 2013


Feb 02 2013

We recently created a presentation on social media marketing training and posted it on SlideShare. It contains some really interesting statistics about social media in 2012, as well as what you can expect in 2013 and how you can be...

Join Us for Our Newest Training on Creating Killer Content!


Jan 28 2013

I'm extremely excited to announce our newest training program! This new class will be on social media content marketing training. Our Training Programs Often Sell-Out - So Please Reserve Your Seat ASAP.   With 88% of businesses now active on...

Social Media Cat Meme Monday – Part 10!


Jan 28 2013

Happy Monday social networkers! Hopefully you've had a nice start to the week. Our social media cat Margeaux has a new tip today: Remember not to get frustrated if you're social media strategy isn't working initially. Just take a step...
growing your business with social media speaker

3 Ways to Grow Your Business Using Good Social Content


Jan 25 2013

Navigating the social media playing field has never been easy. But now that 88% of businesses are active on social networks, it's even harder to stand out and make your brand heard. After all, every minute of the day: 100,000...

How to Calculate ROI for Your Social Media


Jan 15 2013

It's 2013, and social media is now on the radar for every company that exists (or at least, it should be!) At this point, it's becoming really important to learn how to calculate your Return on Investment from your social...

Social Media Cat Meme Monday – Part 8!


Jan 14 2013

Happy Monday to everybody! We hope your week is off to a great start. Margeaux, our social media cat, has a new tip today: Now that your business is present on social networks, you should always look your best! Update...
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