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Cincinnati Social Media Workshop – Measuring Social Media


Oct 11 2011

Don't miss our NEW Social Media Lunch Session this month!  Join our training on October 20th and learn how to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Social Media Marketing.  During this lunch session we'll cover one of the biggest challenges in social media: Measuring Social Media....

Announcing September 2-Day Social Media Boot Camp in Cincinnati


Sep 12 2011

Boot Camp Digital is pleased to present its top-rated Social Media and Internet Marketing Class in Cincinnati.  Our goal is to provide attendees of this course with a full understanding of the social media landscape and how to effectively leverage...

Social Media for Realtors: 3 Ways Social Media Can Help


Aug 16 2011

84% of Real Estate Agents are using Social Media.  So, how does one stand out from this crowd and attract more clients?  Here are 3 key ideas on how to use Social Media to promote yourself as a great realtor...

Cincinnati Social Media Lunch – Social Media and SEO – August 18


Aug 08 2011

A NEW Social Media Lunch Session is coming up!  We are extremely happy to invite business professionals to our VERY popular monthly lunch session on August 18, 2011. During this session, we’ll cover the integration of Social Media Marketing and...

Social Media Marketing Training: 5 Reasons to Have a Blog


Aug 04 2011

1. Establish Yourself As an Expert Do you have great ideas to share in your industry? What makes your company special in today’s economy? Do you visit a lot of trade shows and conferences? These are perfect reasons for any...

Social Media Marketing Training: How to Get the Most Out of It


Jul 25 2011

Companies are starting to understand that in order to stay competitive online they need to have more than just a website.  So, how does one build a successful social media strategy that gets real results?   Also, how do you keep...

The 7 Myths of Social Media Marketing – Do you Fall Prey to Them (Sneak peak inside the Social Media Field Guide)

Krista Neher

Jun 24 2011

I have trained thousands of people in social media marketing over the last few years, and over time I have noticed a number of "myths" that many people have been led to believe about social media.  Since social media is...

Announcing 2 Day Boot Camp: Social Media Marketing and Internet Marketing Training!


Jun 16 2011

Back by popular demand, Boot Camp Digital is happy to announce Social Media Marketing and Internet Marketing 2 day training class!  Our goal is to provide attendees of this course with a full understanding of the social media landscape and...

Announcing Social Media Lunch Sessions!


May 13 2011

As the rainy spring ushers in new flowers, Boot Camp Digital is rolling our its new products.  We are very happy to announce the latest edition to our new spring lineup, Social Media Lunch Sessions! Each month we'll be hosting...
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