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Why Train Your Marketers? Retention and Job Satisfaction.

Krista Neher

May 14 2024

A new study from LinkedIn focused on the state of workplace learning. The study focused on the business outcomes of training - specifically, how businesses benefit from creating a learning culture. Retention as the #1 Benefit of Training The study...

Digital Skills Most In-Demand for 2024 (LinkedIn Report)

Krista Neher

May 14 2024

Marketing skill sets are continuously evolving. Savvy marketers realize that adaptability is actually the key to future-proofing themselves in the long run. Why? Marketing skill sets evolve and change over time. Smart marketers make themselves adaptable and acquire the skills...

2023 San Francisco Digital Marketing Workshop Dates Released!

Melissa Byers

Mar 08 2023

2023 SAN FRANCISCO DIGITAL MARKETING WORKSHOP NOW OPEN FOR REGISTRATION! We hate turning people (sometimes teams) away when our trainings sell out. That's why we've cleared our schedules to add a highly-requested 2023 San Francisco Digital Marketing Workshop in September! Intensive,...
create social media content sales

4 Ways to Create Social Media Content If You Are In Sales

Allison Chaney

Aug 17 2021

I recently trained a sales team for a corporate client on how to create great social media content. A common theme popped up in this social media workshop. Sales teams find it challenging to know what to post about. I...
ways to make virtual training engaging

10 Ways to Make Virtual Training more Engaging

Allison Chaney

Mar 30 2021

Attendees of our virtual digital marketing trainings are surprised at how engaging and entertaining our events are. We are consistently top rated 4 and 5 stars. They say things like... “It worked great. I love virtual training” "Just as good...
How to transform digital talent: Digital transformation

Digital Transformation: How to Transform Digital Talent

Krista Neher

Feb 11 2021

Deloitte recently shared their top digital transformation trends for 2021 and transforming talent is among the top 7 trends. This isn't surprising. Most studies on digital transformation show that people are the most vital aspect to success. The people need to lead...
Digital Marketing Boot Camp 2021 Dates just released

Just Released! 2021 Digital Marketing Workshop Dates

Melissa Byers

Feb 05 2021

Just Released! 2021 Digital Marketing Workshop Dates Several of the 2021 4-Day Digital Marketing Workshops are already over 50% full! If you're considering this intense, high-impact training for yourself or your team, don't wait to register. 2021 Dates: February 9-12...
attend a conference

Should I attend a Conference or a Training Course?

Krista Neher

Jan 05 2021

I've attended hundreds of conferences and hundreds of workshops over my career. People often ask: Should I attend a conference or a training course if I want to build my skills? The answer (of course) is that it depends. It...
OMCP Registered Education Program

Boot Camp Digital Recognized as OMCP and OMCA Registered Education Provider

Allison Chaney

Aug 20 2019

Boot Camp Digital is now an OMCP Registered Education Provider. This is a HUGE accomplishment for us as only the most thorough training programs qualify for this status. Less than 30 institutions worldwide have received this accreditation, half of which...
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