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Content Marketing for Evolved Marketers: Less is More

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Krista Neher

Apr 19 2017

In the early days of social media and content marketing we used to talk A LOT about content calendars and frequency. This is still one of the most discussed topics in social media, and yes, there are some general best practices for each channel (we cover these in both our Live and Online Social Media Certification).

Does Content Marketing Frequency Come at a Cost?

The challenge with maintaining frequency on social networks is that it usually comes at a cost. The cost is typically that you post something at the right time whether you have something to say or not. The cost of frequency is normally quality.

In a World of Algorithms Great is Better then More

Most social networks now work on algorithms where people see content that they seem to be interested in – or that other people seemed to be interested in. This means that, over time, if you post things that people don’t love, fewer people will see your content.

Facebook has been like this for years, but other social networks have also recently followed suit. Which means that quality is a key component of visibility. You’re better off (and will get more visibility) posting amazing content less often.

Evolved Marketers Focus on Doing a Few Things Well

This doesn’t just mean doing a few social networks well – it means posting really amazing things less often. You will typically get better results with one AMAZING piece of content (a video or research report) that really breaks through the noise vs. a regular drumbeat of mediocre content.

The challenge is that, as marketers, we’ve been programmed to focus on how often we do what… but now that isn’t what really gets results. It isn’t how often – it is how amazing each thing is.

Change Your Approach

This is the hardest part – especially if you are an agency or outsources your social media. We’re used to judging performance based on activity, and most contracts are written this way.

Start thinking QUALITY over QUANTITY and build a structure that really supports this.

I’m rethinking my approach to digital so that I can focus more on a few big things that get great results instead of a lot of activity that is mostly ignored.

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