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Government Social Media Workshop: 6 Things to NEVER Do on Social Media as a Government Official or Agency

Debba Haupert

Feb 09 2016

Does Social Media frighten your government organization? Actually, if you don’t have a solid social media policy and strategy, it actually should. The basic nature of social media is based on sharing and conversations, so negative comments or Social Media...

Government Social Media Workshop: 5 Guidelines for Government Officials/Organizations on Social Media

Debba Haupert

Jan 20 2016

The overall purpose of the government is to better their citizens. The government is BY the people, FOR the people – right? How does this apply now in the time of social media and digital communications? (We discussed this in...

Government Social Media Workshop: Using Social Media for Good – How Government Social Media can Impact a Community

Debba Haupert

Dec 08 2015

Social Media offers government agencies/officials the opportunity to connect and influence their communities. (We were just discussing that in a Government Social Media Workshop.) But, as can happen in the real world of Social Media, sometimes the conversation is or...

Government Social Media Workshop: 10 questions to answer when creating a Government Social Media Policy

Debba Haupert

Nov 10 2015

We know from Government Social Media Workshops -- Social Media has changed the way that people, companies and government agencies communicate and interact – completely! We no longer wait to communicate with the public until the monthly council meeting, election...

Government Social Media Workshop: What is a Social Media Policy and Why Do You Need One?

Debba Haupert

Oct 13 2015

A few years ago, government communications departments (PIOs, Communications Officers, government agencies) used traditional media for communication with their constituents and communities. Press releases, TV/radio/newspaper interviews, and press conferences gave the government official’s/agency’s positioning on topics/updates. Social media has changed...
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