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The power of chat Chatbots

The Power of Chat: Chatbots

Krista Neher

May 30 2023

The Power of Chat: Chatbots Chatbots are emerging as a key way for businesses to use the power of chat to automate business processes or services. Chatbots simulate a human conversation and the relationship-building functionality consumers seek with back-and-forth messages,...
Marketing Automation Why You Should Use It To Drive Consistency

Marketing Automation: Why You Should Use It To Drive Consistency

Krista Neher

Jan 25 2023

Marketing Automation: Why You Should Use It To Drive Consistency Marketing Automation does what it sounds like – it automates follow-ups to drive consistency. It uses the CRM (and is often integrated into the CRM) to create a flow of...
Digital marketing investment priorities

Prioritizing Digital Marketing Investments: Innovation, ROI, Hygiene

Krista Neher

Sep 15 2020

One of the biggest challenges that businesses have is in prioritizing their digital marketing investments. There is no end to what you could do in digital marketing, the question is what you should do. We consult and train global businesses of all sizes,...
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3 Reasons Chatbot Marketing Will Change How You Interact With and Grow Your Audience

Melissa Byers

Dec 03 2018

This interview with Virginia Nussey of MobileMonkey talking about chatbot marketing is part of our Digital Marketing Insiders program. Join now and watch the recording and get her FULL list of pro tips and insight here. When you think of a...

11 Key Takeaways from 2018 Internet Trends Report by Mary Meekers

Krista Neher

Jun 05 2018

Every year, one of the most highly anticipated presentations is the annual Internet Trends Report by Mary Meekers. This report is highly detailed and uncovers some of the key trends, stats and implications of the state of internet marketing. The...

Facebook F8 Conference Roundup

Krista Neher

May 08 2018

Facebook F8 Conference Roundup – Mobile VR, Social VR, AR Camera Effects, Group Video Chat, 3D Posts, and More. The Facebook F8 conference, named for Facebook’s tradition of 8-hour hackathons, was held in San Jose, California May 1st and 2nd....
Two people sitting side by side at a table taking notes on an AR marketing campaign

Augmented Reality Marketing: What to Expect When Partnering with an AR Developer

Krista Neher

Apr 24 2018

You decided to integrate augmented reality (AR) into your marketing toolkit, or you’re intrigued by the idea and want to dig a little deeper. This is fantastic news and I’d be happy to hear about it! Please leave a comment...

What You Need To Know To Integrate Augmented Reality (AR) Into Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Krista Neher

Apr 10 2018

I sat down with Aharon Cagle, co-founder and CEO of glimmar, a mobile adtech platform for augmented reality advertising, to discuss the possibilities and challenges of AR marketing today. As a marketer it is your duty to distribute your message through channels...
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