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3 Reasons Chatbot Marketing Will Change How You Interact With and Grow Your Audience

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Melissa Byers

Dec 03 2018

This interview with Virginia Nussey of MobileMonkey talking about chatbot marketing is part of our Digital Marketing Insiders program. Join now and watch the recording and get her FULL list of pro tips and insight here.

When you think of a chatbot marketing, you likely think of artificial intelligence using predictive technology to engage in a conversation with me as if it’s a human. There’s so much more to them, though. 

Instead of chatbots being primarily used to “converse” with a user, the lens is pulled farther back and they’re being used even more widely simply to engage in a conversation with a user, even if there’s a human on the other side of the screen. When we look at them in that light, they seem so much more relevant to businesses and organizations of every size and variety. 

During our interview with Virginia Nussey, Content Marketing Director at MobileMonkey, she opened our eyes to the variety of functions chatbots can perform and why they’re so incredibly engaging. 

The Audience is Very Warm

In order for a business or organization to engage in message marketing on Facebook, the user has to initiate contact with you. You can’t buy a list or import your own email list and start sending messages. Why is this important? Because the Messenger list you build is, essentially, made up of people who raised their hand and told you they’re interested. They’re inviting you in, rather than you just showing up.

How Messenger Beats Email Marketing Every Time

Within Messenger there are no filters, such as spam or promotions folders like in an email inbox. What you send is delivered, front and center, with the same priority as a message from a friend. There is also a notification automatically generated when something is received in Messenger upping the urgency to open it. And, for now, messaging space is still sacred, unlike email where most messages are promotional.

Building a List is Easy

Continuously building your list in a high priority and there are really simple tactics for doing it in a way that’s easy and makes sense to the person joining the list.

You can:

  • Integrate a messenger bot onto your website. View it as a chat feature.

  • Use “Send a Message” to a page as a call-to-action

  • Install a Messenger Chat Widget on your site

  • Embed a button anywhere, such as a Facebook page, website, or blog

  • Include link in your email footer

  • Create a hosted landing page

  • Run Facebook messages ad, with messaging as the ad objective

The opportunity to engage in conversational marketing with your audience is valuable. Chatbots offer an intuitive and easy path to that interaction. If you aren’t currently using chatbots, they’re certainly something to consider.

Learn more about chatbots and how to use them to grow your business in our Chatbot Marketing course! Or, get access to our ENTIRE online library of courses with our All Access Pass!

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