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Mobile-First over Mobile Optimization

Mobile-First Over Mobile Optimization

Krista Neher

Aug 29 2023

Mobile-First Over Mobile Optimization When the first iPhone launched in 2007, digital marketers were all about mobile optimization, which means taking your existing desktop-based digital and making it work on mobile. As of 2022, 58% of web traffic is now...

A Beginner’s Guide to Content Strategy

Krista Neher

Aug 16 2022

Content Strategy  Your content strategy is essentially about defining what you will post and when. The specifics of frequency and content optimization will depend largely on the channels that you use. However, it's helpful to create a general idea of...

Digital Content Decisions: Brand Value vs. User Value

Krista Neher

Aug 09 2022

Brand Value and User Value  The key to digital content is finding the right mix of brand and user value. Brand value means that the content is strategically created to build the brand. User value means that it is interesting...

5 Keys to Crafting Compelling Digital Content

Krista Neher

Jul 19 2022

Focus on Content Over Technology Let's talk about digital content. With digital marketing, many businesses focus on the technology or the technical aspects of implementation that they forget about the content. Many businesses who run Facebook ads spend tons of...
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How to Hit the Sweet Spot of Great Content

Melissa Byers

Jan 21 2019

Members of our Digital Marketing Insiders group get the opportunity to connect with and learn from experts from all corners of the digital marketing industry so they can do their jobs better! If getting better results and boosting your skills...
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4 Ways to Leverage Your Unseen Awareness Machine with Shannon Paul

Melissa Byers

Dec 31 2018

Our Digital Marketing Insiders recently had the opportunity to join us for an interview with Shannon Paul, VP of Brand Content & Social Media Director for Fifth Third Bank. If learning from recognized industry experts is on your to-do list, click...
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5 Content Marketing Optimization Tips Every Business Can Benefit from

Krista Neher

Oct 30 2018

Content marketing is an area of digital marketing that has generated a lot of interest over the last few years. And it should. The message or content that you use is the single most important part of your social media...
5 Tips for Finding a Digital Marketing Training Program

11 Digital Marketing Stats You Can’t Afford to Ignore in 2018

Krista Neher

Jun 12 2018

Digital marketing is already over 50% of most ad budgets and this number is only growing. If you still have your head in the sand you need to snap out of it immediately. These 11 stats underscore the importance and...
content marketing

10 Pro Tips for Creating Great Content

Krista Neher

Dec 12 2017

There is no denying we are surrounded by an overload of content all the time. So how can you make great content that stands out from all the noise? In order for your message to gain traction and create engagement,...
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