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10 Pro Tips for Creating Great Content

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Krista Neher

Dec 12 2017

There is no denying we are surrounded by an overload of content all the time. So how can you make great content that stands out from all the noise?

In order for your message to gain traction and create engagement, you need to be creative in your approach and clear with what you are offering.

Before posting, publishing, uploading or sending anything, take five minutes and come up with one way to make your content better. Can you make your message funnier, more relevant, more personal, or more valuable to your audience?

Once your message is ready for the world, follow these ten pro tips to break through the noise so that your content drives results:

  1. My content has a clear value proposition. What’s in it for the person receiving this message? Why should they care?
  2. My message is short, direct and to the point. Is my content easily digestible? Can I break my content down into multiple messages, each with a single focus?
  3. My message is structured for scanning. Am I using headers, line breaks, lists, and white space effectively?
  4. My message is real and authentic. Am I tapping into emotions or using humor? Is my content new and unique compared to everything else?
  5. My content is interesting. Is my content relevant and valuable to my consumer or is it offering a new way of seeing things?
  6. My message has a clear next step or call to action. Have I stated in my message what it is I want my customer to do next?
  7. My call to action can be completed in as few steps as possible. Am I thinking after the click?
  8. I am using visuals that illustrate my message. Are my visuals capturing the attention of the reader in a clear and memorable way?
  9. I have considered using video. If so, does my key message appear in the first several seconds of video?
  10. I am using copy that is catchy. Are my words capturing the attention of the reader in a clear and memorable way?

Creating great content is important no matter the size of your business or what product or service you are providing.

We produce content in order to build a strong relationship with our audience so they reach out to us FIRST when the need arises, and keep coming back to us AGAIN, AND AGAIN.

In order to build these relationships, we need to be consistent, clear and relevant in our messaging. Once your content marketing strategy is in place, check back with these pro tips to ensure you are creating great content that is driving results.

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