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It Isn’t Digital Marketing. It’s Marketing in a Digital World.

Krista Neher

Apr 12 2016

People often talk about digital marketing as though it is a silo – different from the rest of marketing. They think in terms of channels when building a marketing plan – building the plan for television, print, radio and then...

How to Improve Your Digital Marketing Skills in 2016

Krista Neher

Apr 07 2016

Business professionals and marketers need to keep their skills sharp, now more than ever. As digital marketing is constantly evolving, it is vital to continue to learn. But how do you stay up to date on the changes? How do you...

Who Cares What the Next Big Thing is in Social Media?

Krista Neher

Mar 30 2016

People often ask this question – “What is the next 'big thing' in social media?” The question is usually asked by marketers or social media marketers who are hoping to gain insights that will allow them to beat their competition...

Visual Social Media Marketing Infographic


Mar 07 2013

Boot Camp Digital is excited to announce our latest infographic - Visual Social Media Marketing #VSMM.  Learn what this new social media trend is, why it's important, and what you can to do benefit! To get Visual Social Media Marketing...

3 Tools to Streamline Your Social Media (You’d Be Surprised What’s Worked for Us!)


Aug 16 2012

Last week, Boot Camp Digital hosted a social media lunch and learn class in Cincinnati called "10 Tools to Streamline Your Social Media." I was able to sit in on the class in which Krista shared some of Boot Camp...

Cincinnati Social Media Seminar – Social Media Planning for 2012


Dec 12 2011

We are so excited to invite business professionals to our final Social Media Lunch Session this year on December 16th, 2011!  This time we'll be talking about the most popular social media trends heading into 2012. Have you set new goals for...

20 Ways to Utilize LinkedIn to Help Your Business


Sep 30 2011

LinkedIn is a very valuable business resource.  By utilizing LinkedIn in your marketing strategy you open up a lot of new opportunities like driving traffic to your website, online lead generation, connecting with your clients and building an online community...

Social Media Strategy: Lead Retention


Aug 26 2011

It's one thing to generate new leads, it's entirely another to retain those leads after their first experience with your internet marketing efforts.  Most consumers do not purchase a product or believe in a brand after just one visit to...

Social Media for Realtors: 3 Ways Social Media Can Help


Aug 16 2011

84% of Real Estate Agents are using Social Media.  So, how does one stand out from this crowd and attract more clients?  Here are 3 key ideas on how to use Social Media to promote yourself as a great realtor...
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