How to Improve Your Digital Marketing Skills in 2016

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Krista Neher

Apr 07 2016


Business professionals and marketers need to keep their skills sharp, now more than ever. As digital marketing is constantly evolving, it is vital to continue to learn.

But how do you stay up to date on the changes? How do you keep your skills sharp?

It sometimes seems overwhelming to stay on top of digital marketing, but the reality is that it isn’t as difficult as you think.

With a small investment of your time and $$ you can keep your skills sharp. Make the time to invest in yourself. Sometimes we get so caught up in doing, that we forget the importance of learning and practicing. Prioritize investing in yourself and your skills or you’ll quickly find that your skills are stale and out-of-date.

Here are a few simple things that you can do to keep your skills sharp (and improve them) in 2016:

1) Attend a digital marketing conference.

Seriously. Attend a digital marketing conference. This is where you’ll learn from experts and expand your knowledge base. Conferences get you energized, allow you to network with other smart people and get the latest on industry trends, tools, strategies and approaches.

2) Read a few books.

Read a few good books about digital marketing topics that you want to learn more about. Books tend to go into more depth than blog posts and are usually based on facts, data and research vs. opinions. Since publishing times are long most books aren’t going to be good resources for breaking news or trending topics, but they are good for digging into an area that you want to improve your knowledge around.

3) Subscribe to some blogs.

Choose A FEW blogs and subscribe to the RSS feed. Make it a priority to read a few blog posts or trade publications at least every other day. This will keep you up to date on new content and give you quick posts on new topics.

4) Attend a training.

Formal training is great because it provides structure around learning something new. It is usually more comprehensive versus a conference or blog post, meaning that you’ll learn a topic from start to finish. Digital Marketing Training is a great way to continue to advance your skills. I teach a 4 Day Digital Marketing Boot Camp and I learn at least 10 new things every time I teach the course, plus I have a long list of things that I can improve upon.

5) Follow great social media accounts

If you are already using social media personally try following some professional content. I get my best news from social media and enjoy seeing a mix of personal and professional content in my streams. Follow a few accounts to get breaking news and inspiration in your social media news feeds.

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