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Digital Marketing Reports: Stop Vomiting Numbers at Me!!!!

Krista Neher

Mar 22 2016

I recently reviewed a social media marketing report that a social media agency sent to their brand. The report was beautiful. It had lots of colorful charts.There were lots of numbers and lots of information. It looked great! After reviewing the...

Government Social Media Workshop: 6 Things to NEVER Do on Social Media as a Government Official or Agency

Debba Haupert

Feb 09 2016

Does Social Media frighten your government organization? Actually, if you don’t have a solid social media policy and strategy, it actually should. The basic nature of social media is based on sharing and conversations, so negative comments or Social Media...

Government Social Media Workshop: Using Social Media for Good – How Government Social Media can Impact a Community

Debba Haupert

Dec 08 2015

Social Media offers government agencies/officials the opportunity to connect and influence their communities. (We were just discussing that in a Government Social Media Workshop.) But, as can happen in the real world of Social Media, sometimes the conversation is or...

How Non-Profits Can Use Social Media


Oct 21 2011

Recently I came across an interesting infographic made by Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist, on how the most proactive and tech-savvy non-profits use social media.  The main idea was to discover how their net income influenced the effectiveness of their social...

Social Media Marketing Training: How to Get the Most Out of It


Jul 25 2011

Companies are starting to understand that in order to stay competitive online they need to have more than just a website.  So, how does one build a successful social media strategy that gets real results?   Also, how do you keep...

Social Media Strategy for Small Businesses


Jun 30 2011

Many small business owners are getting more and more into social media.  Social media has a tremendous impact on today's marketing evolution.  With the fundamental shift in the way we communicate these days it's no wonder that companies want to...

Announcing 2 Day Boot Camp: Social Media Marketing and Internet Marketing Training!


Jun 16 2011

Back by popular demand, Boot Camp Digital is happy to announce Social Media Marketing and Internet Marketing 2 day training class!  Our goal is to provide attendees of this course with a full understanding of the social media landscape and...

Why Restaurants Should Be Using Social Media


Apr 18 2011

Many restaurants are already taking advantage of social media as a part of their marketing strategy.  Those who aren’t leveraging social media and Internet marketing might be missing out on one of the most important things that has happened to...

Social Media Training: Creating Quality Content


Apr 11 2011

Having accounts for social media networks is just the beginning of your road to success with social media marketing.   Next is creating a plan that focuses on the content.  What is it that you want to post? What message do...
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