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Krista Neher

Aug 01 2019

Social Media Field Guide – Keep a Pen Handy!

Krista Neher’s Social Media Field Guide is a must read for both new and established social media marketers. For newbies it shows social media is more than just creating a Twitter account and tweeting about what you plan on doing. For experienced marketers the field guide reinforces concepts and strategies they should already have in place, building on those concepts to increase success and ROI. When you are reading the Field Guide make sure to keep a pen handy, not only for keeping notes in the margins, but to write down your key takeaways at the end of each section in the Action Items and Key Learnings section provided.

If you are motivated to add social media to your company’s overall marketing strategy and you are running into road blocks from your company you need to show them this book, and discuss the strategies and tactics Krista introduces. She makes your arguments for success through social media for you, and armed with her Field Guide you will be able to find your way through the jungle that is social media.

At only 225 pages it is a quick and easy read you can knock out over the weekend, and you’ll be a better social media marketer by Monday.

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