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10 Google+ Stats that Will Blow Your Mind!

It’s no secret, Google favors Google+ Pages in search engine results. So why are so many people ignoring it?

Some think Google+ is a desert but actually, it’s the number 2 social media site around the world. Google+ has been growing at a surprising rate and won’t slow down in 2014. It’s become the hub of online activity and can increase the traffic back to your website tremendously.

If you still haven’t jumped on board and taken advantage of everything this network has to offer, you’re missing out on a higher ranking in search, connection opportunities with customers, reliable leads, sales, and more. Stop wasting time and effort and join the one network guaranteed to grow your business.

Not convinced? Here are just a few stats that should change your mind…

  1. There are over 540 million active monthly users on Google+
  2. 1 BILLION people are registered on Google+
  3. 800,000 users join Google+ a month
  4. 1.5 billion photos uploaded a week
  5. +1 is clicked more than 5 billion times a day
  6. 70% of business brands have a presence on Google+
  7. 20 million unique mobile monthly users are on Google+
  8. 1,203 million monthly page visits to Google+
  9. 6.6 million users are located in the United States
  10. 68% of users are male

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10 Amazing Google Stats for 2014

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