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11 Tips to Make Virtual Training Delivery More Engaging

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11 tips to make virtual training more engaging

Krista Neher

Feb 05 2021

At Boot Camp Digital, we’ve been training virtually for over 10 years. Seriously – we used to mail physical DVDs to people.

Virtual Trainer Feedback Score

As virtual delivery has increased we’ve best testing, learning and getting feedback to deliver outstanding training experiences.  We now regularly score 4.8/5 and above on our digital marketing workshops and customized corporate trainings.

They key thing that can make or break the experience is the trainer. Virtual delivery is more challenging because the trainer sets the tone for the entire event.

This means that virtual training delivery is more important than ever. If you want to create an outstanding training experience, these tips will bring you to the next level.

  1. Eye Contact

    Make eye contact with the camera as much as possible. This is how you build connection with the audience. In virtual it is sometimes hard to remember that the audience is behind the camera.

    Position the slides close to the camera so you maintain visual focus near the camera.

    Put a sticky with a smiley face below your camera to remind yourself that this is where your audience is.

  2. Personality

    Bring your personality through in a natural and positive way.  Smile to create a positive atmosphere. Be enthusiastic to bring energy to the training program.

  3. Connect with the Audience

    Try to speak to the audience as though they are in-front of you and speak directly to them. For example “you are going to love these tips”. You want your audience to feel like you are there with them.

  4. Include Participation

    Engage with the audience and have them participate. Aim for an interaction every 10 minutes. Ask an engaging question immediately (usually about the audience, their background or experience) to get them trained that you’ll request participation.

    Ask informal questions that people answer in chat. Having the audience share in chat allows everyone to see the answers and build connection among the audience. Use raise hand to quickly poll the audience.

  5. Don’t watch yourself.

    Move the screen that shows you speaking behind your slides so you aren’t watching yourself.

    Even though you may no realize it, your eyes are likely drifting towards the video screen more than you realize.

  6. Monitor Chat or Q&A

    Keep chat or Q&A open in-front but to the side so you can see questions as they come in or be alerted to issues. Try not to check too often as it can distract your delivery.

    People can’t multitask, so make sure that you can see the chat to be alerted of any issues BUT don’t let it distract you.

  7. Nail the Intro and Ending

    Plan your introduction and closing – this way you’ll avoid rambling and can start and finish strong.

    NEVER start by clicking around your screen to find your sharing. Start strong speaking directly to the audience.

  8. Use your Hands

    Use hand gestures to keep your video visually interesting. You can use hand gestures to emphasize points.

    For example if there are 3 types of something I can hold up 3 fingers, and even move them closer to the video camera.

  9. Appropriate Props

    If appropriate use props. NOT show props or crazy or irrelevant things.  Show a note pad when you say take notes) to create visual interest. When I talk about mobile marketing I show my phone and move it closer to the camera. If I recommend a book I show them the book.

  10. Use the Camera

    Move toward and away from the camera if appropriate to make key points and drive interest. Make sure your camera doesn’t lose focus, but use the depth between you and the camera to drive interest.

  11. Keep Your Energy Up

    In virtual training deliveries it is basically just you and your audience. And you are separated by a screen. Keep your energy level HIGH to keep them engaged.

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