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3 Tips for Making a Splash on Twitter

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Mar 20 2013

twitter marketing tipsTwitter is now at over 500 million users. It’s one of the biggest social networks out there, and it’s a marketing goldmine if you know how to market your brand and your business properly on this site. But when it comes to trying to get a great Return on Investment, there are a few simple steps that will guarantee you start getting interactions from fans and get noticed online. And believe it or not, it’s really simple stuff! If you need more help afterward, just check out our Twitter online training!

Step One: Focus on the Fans

This does NOT in any way mean you should bombard your fans with information and beg them to retreat you. It means you need to focus on building a supportive community on Twitter. When new people follow you, always follow them back. Then when you see them tweet something interesting, tweet back and thank them for sharing it! Think about it: they will most likely reply back to you, and then all their friends see that they’re tweeting at your brand or business. It’s social proof that you are a cool company that people are interested in.

Engage with your fans – ask them questions, try some fun trivia. Basically, give them a reason to want to interact with you. If you post a cool article and they retweet it, or if you see that one of them shares something from your website, tweet at them and thank them for your support! Fans love feeling like there’s a person behind the brand that they follow. The more you support your fans, the more they’ll support you.

Step Two: Share Interesting Content

Think about why people go online and why they go on Twitter: to be exposed to cool and interesting information, to learn something new. If your Twitter account is just a bunch of robotic tweets trying to sell your product, you’re going to lose followers fast. It’s okay to promote your products and services, as long as you balance it out by sharing stuff people want to see. So tweet about funny videos, share useful tips and information relevant to your industry, and be a reference point for your fans.

You want them to come back to you, to promote you, and most of all, to listen to you. But if you are going to achieve that, you have to earn their attention. It can’t be bought.

Step Three: Brand Yourself

Your Twitter handle needs to be accessible and easy to remember. If your company goes by one name and your Twitter account is something totally different, no one is going to have any clue what you do. Keep your Twitter name the exact same as your brand/company name, and if that’s not available, make it as close as possible.

For your picture, use your logo. Be sure to use your company colors for your Twitter background too. You want fans to have the full experience when they’re looking at your account – you basically want it to be an extension of your website. Even if you have thousands of followers, you’ll get nowhere if you don’t have a consistent brand laid out.

These steps seem pretty simple, right? You’d be surprised how many professionals forget these three key ideas when it comes to managing their corporate accounts. If you need more help using Twitter for Business in 2013, try our new Twitter training class!

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