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5 Social Media Mistakes that are Sabotaging Your Success (and how to avoid them)

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Krista Neher

Nov 03 2015

5 Social Media Mistakes Blog

As social media has grown and evolved, getting results has become more and more difficult. Many businesses still struggle to get results from their social media marketing. Not because social media doesn’t work, but because they are making simple mistakes that are sabotaging their success.

1) Your Content is Totally Boring

This is probably the number one mistake that most businesses make when it comes to social media. They post stuff that isn’t awful, but it isn’t awesome.

Social media is a competitive space. Mediocre doesn’t cut it. You need great content that is interesting if you want to grab attention and break through the noise. Most businesses post boring content.

How to fix it: Spend some time looking at really great stuff for Inspiration. Checkout Pinterest. Look at how leading successful organizations position, package and structure their updates. Learn from other businesses that have figured it out.

2) You Don’t Have the Right Resources

Many businesses don’t have the right resources to be successful. It is 5% – 10% of a job (and that person knows nothing about social media). Success isn’t magic (or everyone would be successful).

How to fix it: Evaluate your biggest social media opportunities and be strategic about where you invest your time. Do a few things well vs. many things poorly. Make sure that social media is a priority for at least one person, and agree with them on the resources needed to do it right.

3) You Ignore Analytics

So many businesses don’t spend time with analytics. They post and occasionally create reports for their boss or leadership. The problem is that the only way to really know what works in social media for your business is to look at your analytics.

How to fix it: Review your analytics monthly (put it in your calendar) and look for actionable insights that you can use to adapt and improve your execution.

4) You Aren’t Strategic in Where you Spend Your Time

Many businesses don’t have a clear strategy around what they do and where they spend their time (or $$) when it comes to social media. This leads to a lot of effort going in to not a lot of results.

How to fix it: Determine the resources that are appropriate for each tool, and stick to it. Every social network should have a clear resource allocation so that you know that you are spending your time on the things that matter most.

5) You Don’t Stay Up-to-Date

Many businesses don’t stay up-to-date with social media, so they are implementing strategies that worked 5 years ago. Social media changes quickly and this means that you have to stay on the cutting edge if you want to stay relevant.

How to fix it: Check out our social media training diet or join a social media training program that includes regular updates and keeps you current on the cutting edge of social media marketing. You can also sign up for our monthly email updates!

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