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7 Social Media Tips to Piece Together Your SEO [Infographic]

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7 Tips to Piece Together Your SEO

Carolyn Coates

May 13 2014

7 tips for SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the key to being found online. Social media has a HUGE influence on SEO and can bring potential traffic and sales to your website. Here are some easy steps to improving your social networks to boost your brand’s SEO…

1. Plan your social + content strategy

Jumping on social media without a plan in place will waste time, money, and effort while bringing little to no results. Before getting active, establish who you want to reach on the network, how you want to present your brand, and what you’re end goals are for being active on each particular network.

2. Optimize your social network profiles

This seems like common sense but filling in detailed information about your brand with specific keywords will improve how your brand is seen by search engines.

3. Format content for each network

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to content and social media. While posting similar content is acceptable, cater posts to each network taking character count, etc. into account.

4. Make your content sharable

The more social signals that ping back to your website, the better your rankings. Create valuable and visual content that encourages sharing. 

5. Establish authorship

Google Authorship gives your content a serious boost in search results. Associating your content with a reputable author will increase the likelihood of it being ranked competitively. 

6. Use images when possible

Have you noticed that nearly every social site is now more heavily geared towards imagery? It’s not secret that people are more interested in visual content, take advantage. 

7. Link traffic back to your website

Google can’t read your mind. If you’re posting to social networks in order to improve SEO, you need to include website links so that you and every followers who shares your content will be linking back to your site. 

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2 Replies to “7 Social Media Tips to Piece Together Your SEO [Infographic]”

  1. Great Job Carolyn. Nice Infographic with the tips to improve your SMO performance. First three tips are really useful while you are going to engaging with your audience.

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