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April 2021 Digital News Updates – Audio Rooms Aren’t Just on Clubhouse!

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April 2021 Digital Marketing News Updates

Krista Neher

Apr 09 2021

Members of our All Access Pass and Digital Marketing Insiders get the first look at the latest digital marketing news updates each month. During a live, interactive webinar we cover what matters to marketers and answer questions. We spend hours combing industry news sites looking for the most important updates so you don’t have to!

Facebook News Updates

  • Facebook Working on Newsletters – Following LinkedIn and Twitter, Facebook is working on integrating newsletters. This could be a powerful way to communicate with your audiences.
  • Facebook Adds More Newsfeed Controls – These include adding up to 30 favorites that are prioritized in your feed and controlling who can comment on your posts.
  • Facebook Raised Over $5B for Charities – This is a huge milestone and shows how many people are making charitable donations through Facebook. Remember seeing your friend’s birthday fundraiser? All of that goes to charities. If you are (or support) a charity, make sure they take advantage of this powerful tool.
  • Facebook Working on Audio Rooms – Their Clubhouse Clone is apparently underdevelopment and could launch soon. Stay tuned!
  • Facebook Cuts Analytics – This isn’t really a big deal as they aren’t cutting Page insights or Ad analytics. Facebook Analytics was a website analytic product to compete with Google Analytics. It never achieved a mass following and Facebook is now sticking to measuring Facebook vs. the entire journey.

Instagram News Updates

LinkedIn News Updates

TikTok Updates

  • TikTok Launches AutoCaptioning – This makes the platform more accessible and also works with sound off.
  • TikTok Launches New Browser Video Editor – This allows users and businesses to create content on their desktop that looks native to TikTok and uses TikTok features. This will make planned and produced content feel more integrated into the platform.

ClubHouse News Updates

  • Clubhouse Adds Creator Payments (Limited Test) – You can now send money instantly to your favorite creators on Clubhouse. This is in test mode but shows the platform looking to monetize.
  • Clubhouse Launchest Accelerator Program – This is limited invite-only (and applications are closed). They are working with Creators to get feedback and improve their product. They also launched a number of small enhancements to the program.

Search News Updates

  • Microsoft Bing Launches Visual Results – The search results are highly visual and look more like an infographic. Could this be the future of search results?
  • Google My Business Provides More Data – In addition to the insights launched last week, Google My Business now provides additional insights around how people found you. This is a great resource to understand your audience there.

Industry News Updates

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