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August 2019 Digital Marketing News Updates – Facebook Mobile Changes, Ad Reach, Google’s New Social Media Platform

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Krista Neher

Aug 11 2019

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Facebook News Updates

Instagram News Updates

  • Instagram is Hiding Likes – This is now rolled out in 6 countries as the platform wants to minimize the popularity aspect. While many suggest that this is problematic for influencers, you can still see the likes and if you have a business account you can still see likes in your analytics.
  • New Group Chat Stories Sticker – You can invite people into a group chat directly from an Instagram sticker.
  • Instagram Stories Camera Saves for 7 Days – The new app saves stories content for 7 days so you can still find pictures you took and want to use.
  • Instagram Includes Ads in Explore – This new placement integrates ads naturally into the explore content.
  • Study Shows Lower Reach and Engagement – If you’ve seen your analytics declining you aren’t alone. Brand accounts have seen a decline in engagements and influencer accounts show less reach.

YouTube News Updates

  • YouTube has New Monetization Tools for Creators – They announced a variety of ways for creators to make more $$ from their accounts. SuperChat allows users to purchase messages, and SuperStickers allows their stickers to show up. Channel memberships offers a subscription option and they also have new merchandising monetization available. 
  • YouTube AutoModerates some Comments – Comment moderation can be challenging on YouTube. This means that comments that are identified as likely offensive will automatically go for review vs. being posted.

Twitter News Updates

LinkedIn News Updates

Pinterest News Updates

  • Pinterest Encourages Videos – The network is now encouraging native video uploads to the platform. This could be a way to repurpose other video content or increase visibility on the platform.

Search News Updates

  • Google Local has Place Topics – Google local now has place tags that can be applied to your Google Local listing. This allows people to see the top tags associated with your business instantly.

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