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21 Ways to Grow your Digital Skills in 2021

Krista Neher

Dec 28 2020

With the 2021 upon us you are probably plotting, planning and getting organized. We often focus on our business plans and results. But what about your plan for you? Or the people in your organization? How will you stay sharp?...

Why You Should Ignore 2021 Digital Marketing Trends

Krista Neher

Dec 14 2020

'Tis the season for the digital marketing trends in 2021 prediction posts (ok, I'm not going to lie - I created one too). The truth is, that I'm not a big fan of these posts. Or the "get excited over...

21 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

Krista Neher

Dec 11 2020

The new year is always a great time to pause, reset your strategy and look for new opportunities to grow. So what is new? What should you pay attention to this year? Here are 21 trends to consider for 2021....

Finding Digital Talent the #1 Digital Challenge in 2021

Krista Neher

Dec 08 2020

New research shows that 51% of marketers rate their #1 challenge for digital as finding talent. This isn't surprising. Digital is still relatively new and digital as a mass marketing channel is less than 10 years old. Many mid-level and...
7 Steps to Building a Digital Training Program

7 Steps to Building a Digital Marketing Learning Plan for your Company, Business or Organization

Krista Neher

Nov 24 2020

  Digital marketing is becoming more and more important as marketing budgets shift to digital. Many organizations struggle with how to increase the capabilities of their organization to match this shift and get digital marketing boise campaign. How do businesses...
Training your people for digital transformation

Training Your People for Digital Transformation: The Biggest Barrier to Success

Krista Neher

Nov 10 2020

Digital transformations are becoming more common across industries. Businesses have realized that radical change is needed to adopt digital. It isn't just about the technology, but often equally (if not more so) about changing how people work. Whether your organization...
What is digital fluency

What is Digital Literacy? How do you Build it for Yourself or your Organization?

Krista Neher

Oct 06 2020

LinkedIn recently data based on analyzing job posts that showed that Digital Literacy is one of the top 10 skills that employers are looking for. This isn't just for marketing. It is across all job postings. So what is digital...
State of digital 2020 report

Report: The State of Digital and Social Media 2020

Krista Neher

Sep 29 2020

The State of Digital and Social Media report is one I look forward to every year. There are tons of great insights and information about digital adoption and trends. Also, check out the country breakdowns. The July 2020 report also...
digital marketing training job based training levels and descriptions

Finding the Right Digital Marketing Training for Your Team: Job Based Training

Krista Neher

Sep 22 2020

Finding the right digital marketing training for your team or organization can be a challenge. We've been training teams for 15 years. What makes our training different is that we've specifically built our training to match job needs. Most trainings...
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