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Best Practices for Managing Accounts for Multiple Brands Under One Corporate Umbrella

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Allison Chaney

Oct 24 2017

If you have multiple brands under a corporate umbrella, you are probably already thinking about this as it applies to your Google My Business Listing and social media accounts. Let’s discuss the best practices and whether or not you need a unique account for each brand.

The first thing you should explore is the consumer perception. Do people see the individual brands as unique, each with their own value propositions? Think about P&G for example. P&G owns the detergent brands Tide and Gain, but they clearly market them separately, each having their own domain and website, social media accounts, etc.

If this sounds like your family of brands, then here is our advice for managing multiple brands and accounts:

On Google My Business, you would setup a unique page for each brand. All can be managed under the same master account with the same email login. But to the public, they would see that each brand has it’s own unique presence.

On Facebook you would setup separate business profile pages and manage them all through your Facebook Business Manager. This allows you to assign admin rights to members of your team that align with the individual brands, which is especially helpful if not every team member works on every brand.

For platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, you would setup a separate account for each brand. Twitter has a pretty cool Teams feature that allows you to grant access to members of your team for ease of updating and managing the conversation. And just recently, Twitter made the Teams feature available on mobile so teams can now manage the conversation in a mobile world.

So there you have it. When the answer is “it depends”, it’s important to step back and consider the factors that influence your decision. In this case, whether or not you should create separate accounts depends on the consumer perception of your brand. Define that first and your work will soon be cut out for you!

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  1. Helpful perspective to share with a client considering splitting the business in two with one also linked to the other as foundational.

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