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Press Release

Big Announcement: Social Media Instructor Krista Neher to Author Text Book on Social Media Marketing

That’s right!  I wanted you to be among the first to know that I have recently confirmed a contract to work on a text book on social media marketing.

This is a really exciting project for me to work on and I was honored to be asked to participate.  I will be co-authoring the book with 3 other individuals who have expertise in social media, text book writing and business.

I’ve been working in the social media marketing space for many years now, and as the industry evolves I am excited to see colleges and universities adding social media courses to their curriculum.  I have been brought in to speak at colleges about social media since their students are increasingly being asked to “do social media marketing” upon graduation.  A text book on social media marketing will help provide the framework for more educational institutions to add social media to their curriculum.

Developing Standards in Our Industry

I am also excited about this project because I think that this is what the social media community needs.  I know that organizations like The Social Media club are working on social media education.  Raising the level of knowledge of social media marketing and sharing best practices and case studies can only help our industry.  I am also working on some other partnerships with educational institutes that will help with this mission.

The text book process is extremely rigorous and includes many different levels of review by multiple professors (if you are a college professor and would like to be a reviewer please let me know).  The book will be published by South Western Publishing and will probably take at least a year to hit the shelves – so be patient!

Got Ideas? Companies for Case Studies? Let me know!

So, if you have any ideas for the book, case studies, approaches, etc. please let me know.  The more great ideas that we can include in this book the better.

– Krista

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