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The Biggest Problem with your Content? It is Irrelevant.

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65% of people are fed up with irrelevant messages

Krista Neher

Aug 31 2017

A study from Conversant showed that 65% of consumers are fed up with irrelevant content.

I personally find it amazing on digital marketing how many brands and platforms can’t seem to get their targeting down.

  • I see foreign language ads on Facebook when I travel
  • I get ads for categories that I don’t shop in (pet) on Hulu
  • I see ads targeted at other shoppers on Facebook

It sometimes surprises me that still, after we have come so far in digital marketing we can’t get relevant content.

How to Fix the Content Relevance Problem

Irrelevant content is caused by a few things – mostly poor content and poor targeting. The goal of your digital marketing strategy should be to get the Right Message to the Right Person at the Right Time on the Right Channel. Sounds simple right?

It isn’t.

We really need to shift our thinking vs. a traditional mass marketing approach.

In training brand marketers on digital marketing there are three big issues that can easily fix the content relevance problem.

  1. Put the consumer first.
    Don’t think about your marketing communication points first – think about the consumer first. What do they really want and need? What are they interested in? How are you helping them. Stop thinking about what you want to TELL them and think about what they want.This is also the #1 rule of sales – think in terms of the benefit to the audience, not yourself if you really want to break through.
  2. Build a clear content strategy.
    Once the consumer is at the core, the next step is to clearly define your content strategy. Start with discovery (learning about your audience, trends, competitors, etc.) and build a clear strategy for your content. Think about the content that is required to marry your brand or business objectives with the consumers needs and wants.A clear content strategy means that you know what you will post and why.
  3. Use targeting smartlyThe final big mistake is not targeting in a smart way. Target smartly so that you get the right message to the right person. Use customization and personalization to really make your messages hit home.

    In digital we can still gain mass reach but with personalized messages for different target audiences. Eliminate the waste from your media budget by reaching the right people with the right message.

Start your Content Strategy with Consumers, not Marketing


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