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Digital Marketing

Even the Biggest Brands Get This Wrong

digital marketing best practices

It’s easy to get distracted by the new and upcoming digital marketing trends, but the reality is that most businesses can drive a bigger impact by more successfully implementing the foundations.

When it comes to growing a business with digital marketing, success comes from mastering the core areas of digital marketing that we know matter – Social Media, Advertising, and Websites. Not from new tools or technologies.

The most common questions I get in my Digital Marketing Boot Camps are about new tools or trends. The reality is that most businesses aren’t executing the foundations with excellence.

Their website is slow. They don’t have great content on Facebook. Their ads aren’t optimized.

Don’t be distracted. Focus on doing the things that work better. They will drive more ROI vs. shiny new objects.

Even when we work with the biggest brands who tell us they’re advanced, we see, time and time again, that they’re not executing with best practices. So no matter where you are in your expertise, it’s never a bad use of time to revisit the fundamentals and do a quick check-up.

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