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Facebook Timeline Isn’t Just About a Big Picture: How Are You Taking Advantage of It?

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Krista Neher

Aug 01 2012

Facebook launched Timeline back in February and brands were required to adopt the new layout by the end of March.  So now, brands are all on the new Facebook Timeline view, but very few are taking full advantage of all of the features that Timeline offers.  Do you know all of the new Facebook features and how they can benefit you?

Due to popular demand we created an Online Facebook Training Program to cover the latest updates that Facebook launched, but in this post I wanted to share with you the key changes that you should be leveraging for your business.  Most of the businesses that I work with have changed their background image with the new Timeline, but have ignored the other amazing functionality that Facebook launched.

Here are Some of the Latest Changes that Facebook has Launched

  • Pinned Posts – Pin a post to the top of your timeline to feature it.
  • Milestones – Show off the history of your organization.
  • Featured Posts – Highlight a post to emphasize it on your timeline.
  • Promoted Posts – Can be used to feature posts.
  • Admin Features – Like multiple administrators.
  • Ad Platform Updates – A variety of changes impacting how you can advertise.
  • Offers – Currently in a limited beta test.

If you aren’t taking advantage of these features, you might be missing out on how Facebook can grow your business.  I’ve used these features for Boot Camp Digital and we’ve seen a huge increase (over 500% in our engagement).  Whether you join our training or not, if you are serious about Facebook marketing for your business, take the time to learn about these new features.

How These Changes are Impacting You

  • Fewer views of Tabs – the new Facebook changes have resulted in a decline in views of custom tabs
  • More visual emphasis – images play an even bigger role and branding is more prominent
  • Pay to Play – Facebook launched more pay to play options for brands, beyond just promoting pages
  • No more landing page for non fans – which means you have to change your strategy for non-fans
  • Engagement matters more –  driving engagement is important to getting views of your page

Join us For a Limited Training Opportunity

  • Topic: New Facebook Features and How to Use Them to Drive Your Business
  • Date: August 10th, 2012
  • Time: 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
  • Investment: First 100 seats only$37 Regular Rate $47!
  • Location: Online – wherever you want!

How are you leveraging the recent Facebook changes for your business?



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