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New Facebook Opportunities you Might have Missed

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Krista Neher

Jan 28 2011

Facebook has been hot for marketers for years now, but over the last few months, Facebook has launched some new features that can have significant opportunities for marketers.

Facebook Images

Facebook recently changed (and upgraded) the way they handle images which will probably give Flickr a run for it’s money.  Facebook is already the #1 photo-sharing site in the world, and this new upgrade can really take your photo viewing to the next level.

Here are the major changes:

  • Upload larger photos
  • Photos have a download link
  • Downloads are big enough to print them (hint, hint)
  • More prominence on profile page
  • Bulk-tagging to make uploading easier
  • Prettier Lightboxes for viewing photos

Brands and businesses can take advantage of the new photos feature by sharing high quality photos with their fans.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups got an upgrade late last year.  The new groups provide opportunities for users to make deeper connections in groups and allow brands to create and run private groups.

The new groups features include:

  • Group administrators can add friends to the group
  • Private and secret groups
  • One-to-many communication opportunity
  • Group chat
  • Share documents

The new groups features can provide you with opportunities to really connect with friends and fans in either a private or a public group.

Facebook Q&A

Facebook Q&A is similar to LinkedIn Q&A – users can ask questions on basically any topic and other Facebookers can provide an answer to the question.  The real value of the Facebook Q&A is that businesses can respond to questions as the Facebook page administrator vs. their personal account.  This can increase visibility for the page and position them as the experts.

Have you seen any other Facebook changes that you’d like us to cover?

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