November 2022 Digital Marketing News Updates: Reels are the NBT, Elon + Twitter, YouTube Handles

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Krista Neher

Nov 04 2022

Members of our All Access Pass and Digital Marketing Insiders get the first look at the latest digital marketing news updates each month. During a live, interactive session, we cover what matters to marketers and answer questions. We spend hours combing industry news sites looking for the most important updates, so you don’t have to!  


Facebook News Updates

  • Meta stock DROPS after quarterly earnings report – The report showed much lower than expected revenue and investors are beginning to question the huge investments ($9 billion this year) in the Metaverse.
  • Meta Focus Revealed – In light of the report, Meta shared its focus going forward. The focus will be on AI discovery (to compete with TikTok), business messaging (to capitalize on this untapped opportunity), reducing reliance on user data in ads (because of the ios update), and of course, the Metaverse.
  • 77% of Marketers are Planning Metaverse Experiments Next Year – This number seems HIGH given the state of development of the Metaverse, however the time to experiment is now.
  • New Features in Groups – Groups get more features, including public profiles and more robust admin features. If you are a heavy user of groups, check out the new additions.


Instagram News Updates

  • Expanded Test of Multiple Links in Profiles – A client recently asked about this (they saw it on another profile). but it is still in TEST mode. So you may or may not get access (and it may or may not be permanent. We’ll keep you posted if there is an official roll-out.
  • Reels are Driving Engagement – This shouldn’t be surprising, but Reels are driving the most engagement. Stories and Lives are also growing, which could mean that the newsfeed is getting less attention.
  • Instagram Tests In-App Scheduling – Again, this is still in test mode, but this could be a game changer for those who are looking to schedule Instagram natively.


Twitter News Updates

  • Elon Musk Buys Twitter – The purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk has created a lot of speculation about the platform’s future. My advice? Wait and see what happens. While the headlines suggest a mass exodus and brands leaving the platform, the truth is that sensational headlines don’t always reflect the data. Wait for data to see where the platform really is in terms of users.
  • Changes to Twitter: Relaunching Vine and Paid Blue Checkmarks – The early changes for Twitter shared by Musk are to bring back Vine’s short format video and start charging a subscription for verified accounts. There are no clear timelines or plans for either of these, so stay tuned.
  • Twitter Allows MultiMedia in a Single Tweet – A single Tweet can now include an image, video, and a gif.


LinkedIn News Updates


TikTok News Update


YouTube + Google News Update


Digital Marketing News Updates

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