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November 2023 Digital News Updates

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Digital Marketing news November 2023

Krista Neher

Nov 02 2023

Meta Tests Ads Free, TikTok Launches Biz Portal, and More!

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Facebook and Meta News Updates

  • Facebook Tests Ad-Free Experience in Europe – This is only a test, but it could roll out further. If many users are willing to pay, this could reduce the supply for ads (and increase the costs), reducing the effectiveness for advertisers. For now, this is just something to watch.
  • Meta Looking at Celebrity (and YOU) Chatbot Options – Last month, Meta announced celebrity chatbots. Now, users are seeing options to create their own. There will likely be massive growth in AI chatbots throughout the Meta platforms this year.

Instagram News Updates

Threads News Updates

  • Threads is Working on an API – This will be a game-changer as you’ll be able to post via third-party apps. While they’ve said they are officially working on it, there is no launch date.
  • Threads Adds Polls and GIFS – Making the platform more interactive as they aim to boost interactivity and engagement on the platform.
  • Threads on Facebook and Instagram Mobile Feeds- Threads is also now on your Facebook and Instagram mobile feeds.

X (Formerly Twitter) News Updates

  • X Launches Premium Paid Plans – These plans give you no ads in For You or Following, boosted visibility, and access to more tools. As many are already leaving the platform, it will be interesting to see how many want to pay for these features ($16/month).
  • X Reports Rosy Quarterly Results, Other Sources Disagree – While the CEO of X reported strong numbers, third-party verification services show user numbers and traffic are down significantly over the last year. If you are thinking about this in your strategy, this is worth a read.
  • X Tests Charging Users $1 – The new test is supposedly to reduce bots. New users in New Zealand and the Phillippines will be charged $1 for a new account.

LinkedIn News Updates

 TikTok Update

  • TikTok Publishes E-Commerce Starter Guide – With the launch of shops, this guide is great if you want to bring your store to the platform. TikTok is growing and has tremendous potential for commerce. Getting in early could be a great competitive advantage if you sell products.
  • TikTok Set to Surpass Facebook in Minutes by 2025 – This is just a prediction. Facebook still has more monthly active users; however, TikTokers spend a lot of time on the platform. Interstingly, ad revenue isn’t projected to keep pace, leaving potential white space for advertisers.

AI News Update

  • Adobe Launches Next Generation Image and Video AI – These tools are truly transformative and allow users to create visual assets with AI easily. As a key player with enterprises and agencies, it will be interesting to see these features used in mainstream creative.

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