Social Media Strategy: Optimization vs. Growth Opportunities

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Krista Neher

Jun 07 2016


When it comes to social media many marketers want to focus on adding new social networks and trying new things. Once we have one social network up and running we want to add more… and why not? There are articles about how businesses can use EVERY social network – including those that people don’t even use.

The reality is that we have limited time and resources and need to make smart choices.

We can’t do everything – at least we can’t do everything well.

Before jumping in to the next new social network, as yourself a few questions:

1) Have I fully optimized the networks I am currently using?

Many marketers want to jump in to the next new network before they’ve even really mastered what they are currently doing. Don’t start something new until you have optimized your current investments.

2) What is the time investment for the new network?

How much time will I need to spend on the new network? How often will I need to update? How will I grow the audience? Consider the resources required to create a presence and build an audience.

3) What do I expect to get out of it? Are my customers there yet?

When evaluating a new social network be sure to articulate the results that you hope to get. Are your customers even using it yet? What is your anticipated return? How many people do you expect to reach?

Compare the opportunity of optimizing vs. new networks:

  • What is the upside of getting more effective with your current networks? If you have already invested time and effort in building a presence on a social network, what is the benefit of continuing to improve and optimize? Could you be more effective? What is the upside of doing it better?
  • What is the upside of investing in something new? How big is the network? Are brands successful on it yet? What would success look like for you? Does the network seem to be growing?

The Big Question: What is the BEST use of your Time?

Your time and resources are finite. It is important to determine the best way to invest them. While it is fun and exciting to jump on a new social network, often times there is a bigger opportunity to invest in doing existing executions better vs. doing something new.

Carefully evaluate the pros and cons before jumping in.

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