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Take Advantage of the Growth in Mobile this Year with MobileCoupons.com

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Krista Neher

Jan 26 2010

iphone with coupon vs2 (2)We are really excited at Boot Camp Digital to be working with a client that has a product that we really think can make a market impact this year.  Adage recently posted an article on 5 Mobile Trends for next year – and mobile coupons and commerce was on the list.

MobileCoupons.com is a free service that allows businesses to create coupons that consumers can find and redeem through web, print, mobile web, text message or iphone and android apps.

Why Mobile Coupons?

Mobile coupons are projected to grow 10x next year and to continue triple digit growth in 2011 and 2012.  The Yankee Group forecasts nearly $2.37 billion in North American mobile coupon transactions is 2013.

For small businesses, getting in the mobile game can be expensive and time consuming.  SMS campaigns can be costly and require users to opt-in.  Iphone apps are expensive to develop and with over 100,000 apps in the app store, many apps don’t pick up significant traction.  MobileCoupons.com gives businesses a free way to get into the mobile game and give consumers what they want – coupons with them when they need them.

How it Works

coupon creator image or textMobileCoupons.com makes it easy for businesses to start offering mobile deals to their consumers.  It is completely free to use (they don’t even ask for your billing info) and takes < 5 minutes to create a coupon.   Simply create an account at MobileCoupons.com merchant page.  The easy to use coupon creator allows you to input all of your coupon details, and even create a unique barcode or coupon code.

Coupons can be changed or modified at any time and businesses can also track the views and clips of their coupons.  For example, if a coupon was created for $1.00 off and had only a few clips, you could increase the coupon amount to $1.50 on the spot.  Conversely, if the coupon had too many clips the amount could be reduced to $0.50.

Customers can find coupons online, through the mobile web or through iphone and android apps and redeem coupons simply by showing their phone.  Because mobile coupons are always with you they have up to 10 times the redemption rates of paper coupons.  Mobile coupons also reach younger and more affluent consumers than traditional coupons.

Power Up Your Marketing Budget

Amol India CouponWith the tight economy many businesses are looking for ways to get more out of their marketing budgets.  MobileCoupons.com offers higher ROI than traditional coupons since there is no cost to create or distribute the coupons.  Mobile Coupons also provides a green solution for coupons since they aren’t printed.

Businesses are already using MobileCoupons.com including brands like Arby’s, RotoRooter and Little Caesar.  Businesses like using MobileCoupons.com because they can run tests in the high growth mobile space without blowing their marketing budgets.

We’ve worked with a few small businesses to get them set up on MobileCoupons.com and the feedback has been great.  Between the SEO benefits, the social spread and the opportunity to reach new customers, businesses using MobileCoupons.com have been thrilled.

Get Mobile

With all of the growth projected in mobile, 2010 is the year to get your business in the mobile marketing game.  Dedicate a portion of your marketing time and budget to experiment with mobile marketing.  Many small businesses are already seeing results from mobile marketing – what are you waiting for?

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