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This Week in Social Media… Pinterest adds app Pins, Facebook makes selling easier, and rolls out relevance scores

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Juan Valle

Mar 04 2015

In this edition of “This Week in Social Media,” Pinterest introduces a new type of Rich Pin, Facebook updates Facebook For Sale Groups and rolls out Relevance Scores metric for advertisers.

Pinterest Launches App Pins

Last year Pinterest rolled-out Rich Pins that provided additional information for Pins. Initially, there were 5 types of Pins when it was introduced: article, movie, place, product, and recipe. For example, with the recipe Rich Pins you could list ingredients and cook time as additional information.


The latest update is only available for iOS devices at this time. Now if you’re on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll see another kind of Pin: app Pins. Let’s say you’re Pinning workout motivation Pins to your Get Fit board. If you see a fitness app that helps you reach your desired goals, you can download it right from Pinterest.

When you come across an app Pin, tap Install (the button is located directly next to the Pin It button as illustrated in the image) to download the app right to your device. The idea behind the app Pin is to allow users to download apps without ever leaving Pinterest.

You can check out the App Store’s new board or top picks from Pinterest Pinployees (it’s what Pinterest calls Employees) Staff Picks board for a collection of app Pins available for download.

New Features For Facebook Groups

Facebook recently improved their Facebook For Sale Groups adding features for buying and selling. For Sale Group members can now choose the Sell feature when creating a post (illustrated in the image). Included in the new Sell feature is the ability to add a description of what you’re selling, price, and set a pick-up/delivery location for the item.


In addition, Sellers can also mark prior posts as Available or Sold and easily view their catalog of items previously sold.

The new features will roll out to all Facebook For Sale Groups in the coming months across iOS, Android, and web. If you would like to participate now, have your Group admin nominate their Group by clicking here.

View Your Relevance Score For Ads On Facebook

Facebook has always used a Relevance Score to take into account when it displays ads to users. Before now, it has not made the information visible to advertisers. That is changing, as advertisers will now see the metric in the ads reporting tool as illustrated in the image.


Taking relevance into account helps ensure that people see ads that matter to them, leading to a better experience for people and businesses alike,” Facebook stated.

Understanding relevance scores helps advertisers in a few key ways:

  • It can lower the cost of reaching people.
  • It can help advertisers test ad creative options before running a campaign.
  • It can help optimize campaigns already in progress.

It’s important to keep this metric in perspective as understanding relevance scores do have real benefits for advertisers. However, relevance scores should not be used as the primary indicator of an ad’s overall performance. The idea or goal, behind relevance scores, is to reach your audience at lower costs and to experiment with your ad creative and targeting.

To view your relevance scores, head to Ads Manager and add the tab to your ads reports.

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