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This Week in Social Media: Schedule Tweets in Twitter, Review Facebook Places, Foursquare Helps Find Nearby Friends, and More!

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Carolyn Coates

Oct 18 2013

TWISM22Flat This week in social media brought many updates for Twitter including the ability to schedule tweets and new direct message settings. Facebook again altered privacy settings and is allowing reviews for places while Foursquare helps identify nearby friends and places. Read on to see how these changes affect you and your business.

1. Schedule Tweets (and Photos) in Twitter

Schedule Tweets in TwitterTwitter’s recent update allows you to schedule tweets up to a year in advance directly from Twitter.com. Additionally, you can schedule photos using Twitter’s image sharer that will show up in the photos and videos section in the left column of your page – something that’s never been possible before from a third party program.

How does this affect you?

This is huge for businesses who schedule tweets in advance. Being able to schedule photos to show up in the left column as well as your live feed will improve engagement compared to photos solely in your live feed. For directions on how to test out this new feature, click here.

2. Facebook Pages Adds Review Buttons

Review Facebook PlacesAlong with the new follow button on Facebook Pages, Facebook is rolling out the addition of review buttons to Pages for places where customers who like you on Facebook can post feedback for others to see.

What does this mean?

People trust the opinion of others over general marketing – reviews and word-of-mouth are important. This new feature could either help or hurt your business tremendously – monitor and stay on top of what’s said about you.

 3. Foursquare Update Helps Finds Nearby Friends and Places

4SquareA recent update shows Foursquare users what is most relevant and nearby in real time. When you arrive somewhere, a notification on your phone will recommend what to have or a current special. A new ‘nearby’ button let’s you know what friends are around while ‘friends at a glance’ will show you their recent check-ins.


Why does this matter?

Foursquare is a great way to build a portfolio of customer reviews for future business. Real-time recommendations can be that extra push for someone who walks in the door to become a loyal customer.

4. Twitter Revamps Private Messages

TDMA primarily public network, Twitter has now changed the rules for its direct-messaging service. The new setup allows anyone to message other users – you no longer have to follow each other.

How does this affect you?

For your personal account, it’s possible you will receive more spam messages from those you don’t follow – you can always block those who take advantage of this change.

For your business Twitter account, this could be an opportunity to better connect with customers. Some might want to contact your business through a private message about sensitive topics and vice versa. Take this chance to address customers more personally and build (or mend) relationships.

5. Facebook Privacy Settings Change for Minors

Icon1Users ages 13-17 initially could only post updates seen by friends and friends of friends but now, there is the option to post publicly. While they will receive multiple alerts prior to posting that it will be public unless changed through privacy settings, Facebook did this saying this age group has the “savviest people using social media” and “they want to be heard.”

Check in next week to stay on top of what’s new. Not sure how to remember what’s important? Check out our monthly Latest and Greatest webinar and Q&A call with Krista – available for All Access Pass members.

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