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Visual Social Media for Publicity and Profit – with Lisa Buyer #PubCon

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Krista Neher

Apr 25 2013

Lisa Buyer at PubCon New OrleansLisa Buyer is one of the people I most look forward to hearing from at PubCon – she doesn’t just share concepts – she always has amazing examples that make her points tangible and actionable. Her presentation included a ton of great tips and ideas for visual marketing…..

Visuals Matter

  • 79% or Journalists say that images increase the odds of a press release getting picked up
  • Readers are 4X more likely to engage or comment on a blog post with a good image
  • Make your images PINWORTHY – the image describes the content

Case study

  • Sarah Evens used Instagram to test quotes for her book
  • She posted potential inspirational quotes on Instagram
  • The ones with the most likes and interactions were used

Every Company can do Images

  • Pitchengine which targets other businesses builds awareness on their instragram
  • Dollarshaveclub found that people were already posting images to Instagram… once they saw the organic engagement they began to encourage their fans to share images and they saw a huge increase in
  • Oxford seminars found that people took pictures to share their excitement upon getting certified

Instagram and images allows brands to get great photos without having to hire a photographer.

Do Contests

  • #Flowmotion encouraged people to take pictures at an event which engaged users
  • LSU ran a contest in April – each day had a different theme and participants were encouraged to post photos every day
  • Encourage people to share by creating a # and showing it

Pinterest works for all Businesses

  • Create a board for blogs
  • Create a board for other columns you write
  • People can follow the content that you like and share
  • Infographics, charts, videos and more

Haiku Deck

  • Create slides on your ipad
  • Creates col mem-like slideshows on your ipad
  • Includes high-quality licensed images
  • Pulls images from GoogleDrive, DropBox, Instagram, etc
  • Create a deck to promote your book – this can be shared and viewed on Facebook
  • The deck can be shared and embedded
  • This is an easy way to share a story
  • Create visuals on-the-go
  • Great way to create pinworthy images for blog posts or other social networks


  • Includes visuals
  • Easy to share
  • Lets you create “quick facts” making it easy to digest key points


  • Measure with Key Performance Indicators
  • Referring traffic
  • Shares
  • Emails/entries
  • Media Coverage
  • Something……


  • Google Analytics
  • Simply Measured
  • Webstagram
  • Statigr.am
  • Nitrogr.am

Visual for Profit Tips

  • Respond to customers who are already sharing
  • Channel the sharing with a hash tag #YourBrand
  • Print hashtags on your products
  • Add links to your photo captions
  • Have a page on your website dedicated to featured photos on Instagram

Visual for Publicity

  • Promote it with a press release of blog post
  • Add a hashtag to your messaging – even a press release
  • Cross promote on other networks
  • Give a glimpse of new products to come
  • Show the faces behind the company


  • Say NO to BORING B2B stock photos
  • On Facebook your cover image is more important than ever!!!!!
  • Visualize your online newsroom

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