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This week in social media… Important updates for your business

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Patrick Carroll

Aug 11 2014

This week in social media… Finally start seeing results from your Twitter campaigns, start a conversation on Pinterest, and meet the new Foursquare.

Optimize Twitter Campaigns: New Features!

Twitter is finally offering competitive ad features in its attempt to catch up to Facebook’s impressive ad platform. The new features help you optimize your ads and get the most out of your ad budget. Creating campaigns that align specifically with business goals keep you from paying for “interactions” like retweets and follows; while new objective-based pricing ensures that you only pay for the results that impact your marketing goals. Before creating an ad, you can now select exactly what you’d like to pay for: followers, leads, app downloads, clicks, and even website conversions. To learn more about the valuable new features check out the video below.


Pinterest Messaging

Pinterest users now send over 2 million pins per day and before this newest update, there was little interaction beyond pin comments. Now, when someone sends you a pin you can reply back with another pin or just a message. You can also send Pins to multiple users to start a group pinning conversation, much like a private Pinterest chatroom. This opens up all kinds of doors for businesses on Pinterest who want to privately engage with a handful of customers or even manage contests through Pinterest.

Leave us a comment below with some creative ways you might use this new feature and win a free Pinterest Training Course!

Introducing the new Foursquare

The traditional Foursquare days are over. Following the release of Swarm and the elimination of check-ins, they’ve completely reinvented the Foursquare app. The new app, focused on personalizing your in-app experience “learns what you like, and leads you to places you’ll love.” With the risk of leaving its 50 million users behind, the newly repurposed Foursquare is in direct competition with business guide/review app Yelp. Whether it takes off or crumbles under its new identity, we’re not going to speculate. However, local businesses who haven’t yet explored Foursquare, desperately need to make sure they’re listed and optimized in the new app.


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