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This Week in Social Media… A Twitter overhaul, Instagram Business Tools, and more

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Patrick Carroll

Sep 08 2014

This week in social media features game-changing moves from Twitter, long-awaited Instagram Business Tools, and a new fund-raising feature for Youtube channels.

The Twitter Overhaul

Encouraging Celebrity Interaction

Twitter is doing its best to encourage tweeting between athletes, celebrities, the rich and famous, and anyone else with verified accounts. By improving the visibility of other verified users within celebrity news feeds, Twitter hopes to increase interaction between high-profile Twitter users.

Testing Shopping Service:

In another huge improvement, Twitter will soon be offering a “buy” button to advertisers on the social network.

“…some Tweets from our test partners will feature a “Buy” button, letting you buy directly from the Tweet.”

This is an obvious MUST for online retailers… We’re excited to see how Twitter users interact with the new button.

Hinting at Filtered Feeds

According to the Wall Street Journal, Twitter is considering, “An algorithm-driven content feed. A souped-up search engine. Group chatting.”

We weren’t kidding about a Twitter over-haul… This could mean a more Facebook-like experience for business, requiring more ad-spend and less organic reach.

Changed fonts and color options

Finally, Twitter has updated fonts and color options on the site.

twitter buy button

Instagram Business Tools

Instagram brands have been waiting a long time for in-app data from the social network. Instagram is finally going to start delivering with: “… a new suite of tools to help brands better understand the performance of their paid and organic content on Instagram.”

Tools will include: Account insights to measure engagement, Ad insights to show campaign performance, and “Ad Staging” for a better ad creation experience.

Youtube Fan Funding

“Fan Funding allows fans to support the channels they love by making voluntary payments using Google Wallet.”

Enable fan funding on your Youtube Channel and get access to these new features: a custom greeting message, fan funding cards within your videos, and a custom video for fans after they’ve donated.

This is more than just a tool for aspiring musicians. Consider the possibilities for non-profits or even political campaigns.


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