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How to Reduce AI Risks for Your Business

Krista Neher

Feb 07 2024

How to Reduce AI Risks for Your Business AI is dramatically improving workplace productivity and effectiveness. However, it creates significant risks for organizations. 5 Security Considerations for Generative AI Tool Use Have a security policy in place: Most organizations have...

Announcing Our New Generative Training AI Courses

Krista Neher

Dec 18 2023

We are VERY excited to share the launch of our Generative AI Courses. AI is everywhere and only growing. AI is proven to increase productivity and improve results. Employers and businesses can't afford to miss out. Your business should be...

Announcing Our New Video Marketing Course

Allison Chaney

Aug 15 2020

We are SO excited to announce the launch of our Video Marketing Course. Video is the most powerful form of media, because it is visually appealing and highly engaging. It is one of the most effective ways to communicate a...

Announcing Our New TikTok Marketing Course

Allison Chaney

Jun 17 2020

We are VERY excited to share with you the launch of our TikTok Marketing Course. TikTok is a highly addictive platform, and the has taken over as the next big thing in social media. What sets TikTok apart from other...
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Announcing Our New Search Ads (PPC Advertising) Training Course

Allison Chaney

Jun 17 2019

We are VERY excited to share with you the launch of our Search Advertising (PPC) Training Course. Search ads, a type of PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, are an effective way to drive quality traffic to your website that converts...

Announcing Our New Social Media Stories Marketing Training Course

Allison Chaney

Apr 23 2019

We are VERY excited to share with you the launch of our Stories for Instagram and Facebook Training Course. Social Media Stories have become the "next big thing" in social media. Stories, as a format, began on SnapChat as a...
blogging training, blogging for business

Announcing Our New Blogging Training Course

Allison Chaney

Feb 18 2019

We are VERY excited to share with you the launch of our Blogging Training Course. Blogging is an effective way to reach your audience in different stages of the buying cycle with relevant content. This form of owned media becomes...

Social Media Marketing Training: 5 Reasons to Have a Blog


Aug 04 2011

1. Establish Yourself As an Expert Do you have great ideas to share in your industry? What makes your company special in today’s economy? Do you visit a lot of trade shows and conferences? These are perfect reasons for any...

The Power of the Blog


Feb 28 2011

As I was reading New York Times Magazine yesterday, I came across an article about a Mommy blogger who receives around 100,000 hits on her site per day as she blogs about everything from her family, her job, her kids,...
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