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The 3 Types of Digital KPIs You Need

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The 3 Types of KPIs You Need

Krista Neher

Jul 04 2023

The 3 Types of KPIs You Need

To understand if your marketing is effective, you’ll want to be sure that your KPIs measure quantity, quality, and cost. This gives you a full picture of your performance. You may be able to create a single metric that incorporates all of these, but often it takes two KPIs to incorporate quality, quantity, and cost.

Quantity – How much am I getting?

  • The amount of the result that you are generating (e.g., traffic, traffic growth, clicks, reach, impressions

Quality – How good is what I’m getting?

  • The effectiveness of the result or the quality of the result (e.g., conversions, time on site, awareness growth)

Cost – How cost-effective is it?

  • The cost per result or quality to determine the cost-effectiveness
  • Based on metrics/KPIs that matter for your business

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Each tactic should have 1 -2 KPIs. Prioritizing a few KPIs doesn’t mean that you should never look at other metrics, especially if you are evaluating performance. It means that you set a clear view of what you want to achieve and have selected a few metrics that best indicate if you are getting what you want.

In the earlier days of digital, many businesses focused on metrics that didn’t matter for their business success. For example, many businesses focused on the number of fans they acquired on Facebook. While fan growth is a sign of a healthy Facebook Page, it should never have been their KPI or the main thing they wanted to achieve. In many cases, they wanted to reach – so reach (the number of people that saw their messages) should have been the KPI instead of fans.

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