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Online certification training for you or a team.

In-person training throughout the year.

Training sessions just for your team.

Our accredited programs can be delivered via open-enrollment live or online, or we can create a workshop for your organization.

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How TechCred Works

  1. Identify the technical skills your current or future employees need.
  2. Partner with a credential provider — such as Miami University.
  3. Apply online through Ohio’s TechCred website.
  4. Enroll your employees in the program.
  5. Upload proof of credential completion.
  6. Receive reimbursement of up to $2,000 per employee per credential.

It’s that easy! 

Employers must file reimbursement applications within six weeks of each employee completing a credential. The reimbursement can cover tuition and other certification costs.

Our TechCred program manager can support you in your grant application. Contact [email protected] or

Learn With Boot Camp Digital Live or Online. We have an extensive library of open-enrollment programs, or we can bring our training to your team.


Our TechCred Approved Training

Customized Training for Your Team

Contact us to learn more. All programs can be delivered in person or virtually.

Digital Marketing Training

Social Media Training

Digital Content Strategy and Optimization

Contact us for other digital marketing training topics that may be TechCred eligible.


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Popular Training Workshops

We can cover a wide range of topics in our training programs, and create a customized curriculum to meet your needs. We’ll work with you to develop relevant learning objectives for your organization.

While we can create content specifically for your organization, some of our more popular training topics include:

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